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Charlie Out For Spring Break

Charlie’s out for Spring break, so we are all going to do a Candida cleanse together and also clean out our body’s filters (liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, skin) as well. We do them quite often because we’re not perfect and we do not always eat properly. Doing quarterly cleanses helps us maintain balance in our body and brain chemistry. After a cleanse we are so good for the first month. But it doesn’t take long before we get seduced by the sweet or processed foods. It is such a battle trying to stay on the path of living organic foods. But at least we never eat fast food! It’s the going out to eat that get us. Right before we begin a cleanse, we all gorge on bad food for about 3-4 days. I know that sounds bad but honestly I think we deserve it because we do eat about 80% organic, 50% raw living food, and we stay on top of our cleanses. As long as you are getting the toxins out so they do not build up in the body, maximize your nutrients, and give your liver, kidneys, and colon a break by eating organic foods that break down easily, you can eat over processed foods from time to time.

So this week I’m going to start Charlie on Colloidal Silver at 1 tbsp every morning. I’m going to stop Biometics except for Cal/Mag only for this week because of it’s high sugar content. Anytime you start a Candida cleanse, you want to limit amount of sugar in your diet which includes your starches such as potatoes and pastas too. He will keep taking his Rhodiola (2 caps- 200mg during the week), Omega-3 (3 caps), Neu-be calm (2 caps on the weekend), and probiotics. We will drink 2 raw food veggie drinks daily made in our Vitamix. Always make sure you throw in a fresh organic garlic clove per person in veggie drink. Fungus/yeast and parasites hate garlic! Plus it’s a natural antibiotic too. Charlie will also start back on Wheat grass for this week (purify the blood). He’ll take his probiotic in the afternoon (Never take a probiotic with a natural antibiotic-colloidal silver). And last he will take 2 clay baths this week.

Chuck and I are going to start a new product called Cell Food this week first before we put Charlie on this product. I always get excited starting new products. I decide to experiment with this product because it’s suppose to enhance the absorption of oxygen and hydrogen directly to our cells. Curious to see how that works out. It sounds like it pretty much accomplishes what Wheat grass already does minus the chlorophyll but I thought we would try it anyway.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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