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Brain Mapping Part 1
Last Aug 2009, our entire family decided to try neurofeedback. Our brain mapping experience was life changing. However our neurofeedback treatments were a bit disappointing. I will break this blog up in two parts, brain mapping and neurofeedback.
I explained brain mapping on “Question of the Week” from my website. So I will start with Charlie’s results. The IQ average from brain mapping are: below 90 is low, 90-105 is average, 105-115 above average, and above 115 is high. Charlie scored 143. The results from his brain mapping showed that Charlie sees in 3 dimensional (which is said to be very rare), he also uses both sides of his brain (even though he is left handed and this is also rare), he sees himself always as the victim (so totally true!), he takes things out of contexts (so true), and he is 100% ADHD without a doubt! The frontal lobes of his brain had no action or low brain frequencies while the back potion of his head ranged high in brain frequencies. His Alpha waves were extremely high attributing to his high IQ. But his Theta and Delta waves showed very low frequencies.
We always knew Charlie had ADHD but we never had something presented to us that would show and explain to us how and why. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to start neurofeedback treatments. For the first time we completely understood Charlie’s brain chemistry. I highly suggest that whether anyone decides on neurofeedback or biofeedback, you or your child should at least get brain mapped. MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Go to someone that is licensed and knows how to interpret your brain mapping results. From my understanding many consultants may know how to set up a reading session but most do not know how to thoroughly interpret the results. This session alone has changed our entire family for the better. It has helped me understand why I do the things I do, it has confirmed that my husband also has ADHD, and confirmed that our daughter has mild depression. Brain mapping with neurofeedback treatment can range anywhere from $3000 to $6000 per person. Most offer family packages if you decided to take the route we took. I have always said that I will not put my children on anything that I have not tried first. My husband and I stated our neurofeedback treatments 2 weeks before deciding to start Charlie and Brittany on it.
I will get into treatment on Part 2 of this blog.
Enthusiastically yours,
Shirley Highers
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