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What Antioxidants Help With ADHD?

I am looking at some natural foods that can provide more antioxidants for my nephew who has ADHD.

Have you ever looked at XOCAI? If so, I was hoping you could share what you know.

Thank you!



Hi Rick,

As a matter of fact yes I know about XOCAL. Great product and expensive. We had wonderful results on this product but after a few months I switched to raw organic cacao powder that I purchase on Amazon.com. It’s pretty much the same thing except you need a higher serving size of the powder. I made shakes, smoothies, raw energy bars, crackers, and desserts with this powder. Soooo delicious!!! I always add a natural sweetener (Stevia) vs sugar in my recipes too. Although if I had to pick between the two, XOCAL is the better product.

As far as antioxidants, look to alpha lipoic acid  a water soluble super unversial antioxidant), green tea ( powerful antioxidant, great for calming, helps with concentration, and elevates alpha waves), and the Mack daddy of all antioxidants- glutathione (usually found in avocados and asparagus). You could also opt for super foods such as chia seeds, salba, algae (spriulla and chlorella), and fruit extracts from either Noni, mangosteen, and acai which are all high in many different super antioxidants. Also Biometics Cell Care is wonderful product too. It not only has super antioxidants but it also contains  Co Q10. Biometics Bio Nite is also a super antioxidant.

Eating foods with antioxidants is a great starting point. But you would need like 10-20 servings of veggies or fruits versus taking an antioxidant supplement or extract. I’m not saying do not eat your veggies and to only take supplements, I’m saying that you should do both. They each have their benefits. Eating veggies and whole food will help with ph balance and fiber content. And supplements will help you obtain optimal results which is a requirement since ADHD are so deficient in their b vitamins, minerals, and neurotransmitters.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers

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