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Charlie LOVES his Rhodiola

Through the years Charlie has tried many different types of supplements. We’re always trying new things. Early this year we added to his vitamin regimen an herbal stress adaptogen called rhodiola. It’s considered to be one of the most resilient of all the known adaptogens. Charlie saw immediate results and LOVES this product! Rhodiola enhances concentration by stimulating neurotransmitter production. It also increases your endurance, puts you in a better mood, supports your immune system, and many many more benefits. We have a rule in this house that whenever we open the last bottle of any supplements, it is written on a list so I can re-order more. I have yet to get Charlie to comply with this rule until Rhodiola came along. Not only does he write it down on our re-order list when he opens the last bottle but he writes me a note and puts it on my computer. And finally he will ask me numerous times, “Did you get my note? B/c their are only 30 caps in each bottle. If you don’t order today I’ll run out!” Isn’t that crazy??? He loves this stuff! He says it makes his thinking sharper, his reflexes quicker, and it helps him take notes faster.

There is just one slight problem. Because it’s an herb, you need to cycle off of it. He takes it 5 days on (Mon-Fri) and 2 days off (Sat & Sun). Unfortunately in 2 months the power of rhodiola starts to wear off. I could increase his dosage but I’m comfortable with him at 200mg a day. I do not want to go higher. If I did that then eventually his body would get accustomed to that and we would need a higher dosage and so on. So after 2 months we take 1 month off. Right now we are in off month with Rhodiola. And Charlie is bugging the crap out of me. Since he started this new school (Collegiate High School on our college campus- he’ll graduate with his associate degree along with his high school diploma), he keeps telling me how he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to take this month off since his classes this year are extremely hard. I mean the drama that is coming from this child, I tell you! I told him we are doing our EEG Biofeedback treatments (brain mapping), so I really need to see how his treatments are truly affecting him minus the rhodiola. Plus we found what works for best for Charlie when taking this herb. I have a bottle in our room that my husband and I take on stressful or hectic days. Charlie still continues to try to get me to come off our stash! I was going to keep him off this product until we were done with our EEG treatments (5-6 months) but Charlie isn’t having any of this! So I guess after this month is over, I will start him back on this herb. 

Here is the product we use:

100mg  http://www.vitacost.com/New-Chapter-Rhodiola-Force-100 

300mg http://www.vitacost.com/New-Chapter-Rhodiola-force-300-mg 300mg are for special occasions such as finals.

P.S Remember this stuff is great but based off my personal experience and testimonies of family and friends, it will lose it’s effectiveness. How long? I guess it really depends on you. We didn’t start taking Rhodiola to help with Charlie’s focus or concentration. We have mastered those obstacles years ago. Another mom from my website brought this product to my attention after recieving wonderful results from her son. I thought we’d try it just to see what would happen. Little did we know this would become Charlie’s favorite supplement!

 Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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