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Is Organic Food Not Nutritionally Better Than Commerical Produce?

According to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Researchers, organic produce DO NOT have a higher nutritional content. This team of researchers have now completed the most extensive systematic review of the available published literature on nutrient content of organic food ever conducted. Over 50,000 papers were searched, and a total of 162 relevant articles were identified that were published over a fifty-year period up to 29 February 2008 and compared the nutrient content of organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.The review focused on nutritional content and did not include a review of the content of contaminants or chemical residues in foods from different agricultural production regimens. The researchers found organically and conventionally produced foods to be comparable in their nutrient content. For 10 out of the 13 nutrient categories analyzed, there were no significant differences between production methods in nutrient content.

So, since this is now a proven fact, “Do I still recommend that ADD/ADHD have a strict organic diet and continue to pull the crap from their diet such as dairy, MSG, hydrogenated oils, etc??” My answer is, ABSOLUTELY!!  As I mentioned in previous blogs: Eating organic foods isn’t just about getting more minerals and vitamins into your diet but to bypass poisonous chemicals that are used to grow produce and livestock. Heck why do you think we still put our son on high quality liquid supplements to aid with this ADHD? I never once for a moment that he was going to get everything he needed just from the food the consumed especially since ADHD are highly deficient in vitamins and minerals already. He would have to eat like 8-10 serving sizes of various raw vegetables daily. Please understand that eating organic foods is crucial for ADD/ADHD because they are FREE of pesticides, herbicides, harmful fertilizers, insecticides, or any other poisons for that matter. PLUS they are not GMO or genetically engineered or modified. Organic meats or livestock’s are FREE of antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones. Since omega-3 originates in the green leaves of plants, grass, and algae; organic grass feed livestock’s will be higher in omega-3 and CLA (helps fend off cancer and burns body fat). Ask yourself, “What is ADD/ADHD?” It’s a neurological disorder. Pesticides, fertilizers, hydrogenated oils, etc. are all neurotoxins. This means they are destroying neurotransmitters and keeping the nervous system from developing properly. Do you really think it’s a good idea for a child who doesn’t have a developed immune system diagnosed with ADD/ADHD that they should eat chemical laden foods that’s only going to make their existing problems worst? Personally I think EVERYONE should eat organic not just ADD/ADHD! When you purchase organic products this is the only way to ensure that their are NO artificial sweeteners, dyes, flavors, MSG, trans fat, or other preservatives.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they are taking better care of it.


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