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Organic Raw Chocolate GREAT For ADD/ADHD

I have found chocolate heaven! I have stumble upon a fricking delicious, simply pure, and completely raw organic snack….. Righteously Raw Organic Chocolate Bars.

This is a Vegan/Kosher bar that is FREE of Gluten and Soy. There are NO refined sugars in this bar!!! Raw Chocolate is a super antioxidant and because this chocolate isn’t roasted, the nutritional elements are not damaged providing an ABUNDANCE of minerals. Chocolate gets a bad rap because of the way it’s processed and it usually contains dairy. Let’s not forget that dairy is a common food allergy for ADD/ADHD and it’s ridicoulsy hard on our digestive system to break down too.

These bars are not only delicious but they are acutally good for you! Righteously Raw flavor Maca Bar (Chocolate) and 90% Cacao Bar (Goji) have ONLY 4g sugar per servings (each bar has 3 servings). 80% Cacao Bar (Acai) has 5g sugar and 90% Cacao Bar (Caramel) has 6g sugar. How fricking amazing is that???? It’s very hard to find a snack or energy bar out there today that doesn’t have a high sugar content and still taste good. Sugar is one of the major culprits in compounding ADD/ADHD issues. I eat one entire bar every other day or every 2 days. I like to break them up into their serving size and nibble on them thorough out the day.  Righteously Raw bars are sweetened with Golden Hunza Raisins and Bahri dates (lowest glycemic index than any other date). Your taste buds will not even notice the low sugar content. The raisins and dates pack just enough sweetness. Since ADD/ADHD are usually low in their neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, raw Chocolate will benefit them because it stimulates their endorphins to produce these “feel good” neurotransmitters WITHOUT compromising their health. Plus these Organic bars are made in a nut free facility! Great news since majority ADD/ADHD have food allergies.

These are pricey bars they usually run you around $5.95 per bar on the net and over $6.99 in health food stores but they are well WORTH IT!! I order my bars from this site: http://www.coolrawfood.com/webstore/product.php?productid=16918&cat=352&bestseller=Y . You get 3 flavors (Chocolate, Goji, & Caramel) for $14.18.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they are taking better care of it.



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