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What Are Healthy Snacks For ADD/ADHD Who Have Yeast Overgrowth?

Q: Since you always say that yeast overgrowth is common with ADD/ADHD, I talk to my DR and she is going put my son on a fungal cleanse. Right now she has him taking some antifungal product and probiotics that she has recommended. I was wondering what are some healthy snacks you send to school with your son? I find that cutting sugar out of my son’s diet is impossible! But I’m trying :).


A: You only have to cut sugar out when you are doing a yeast/fungus cleanse for about 3-4 weeks. The point of the cleanse is to kill the yeast/fungus by starving them from their unusual supply of food (sugar, refined carbs, processed and junk food). Yeast overgrowth is so common with ADD/ADHD. It is also one of the #1 mimickers of ADD/ADHD.  Many adults and children find that after a yeast/fungal cleanse they no longer have mood issues and problems with memory or concentration. Food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, poor diet, over use of antibiotics or prescription meds (ADD/ADHD meds, steroids, birth control, antacids, etc) all contribute to yeast domination. Charlie seems to have a sensitivity to sugar. Even after a cleanse if he eats high amounts of sugar (especially refined sugars) it doesn’t take much for the fungus to proliferate again. Because of this it definitely makes searching for healthy snacks extremely difficult. His Biometics AM drink already has over 50g of sugar in it. Even though it’s a healthy sugar that is time released through out the day, starting the day out at that high of a number makes me have to work extra hard at finding snacks that are low in GOOD sugars. You are always going to have yeast in your body. But the ratio should be 15% yeast and 85% good flora. As long as I can keep the good sugars down to less than 100g a day, the balance of good flora in his gut is maintained at that ratio. But also keep in mind, he will take a probiotic first thing in the morning with his Biometics AM drink which ensures that the good bacteria flourishes and is established early on in the day. Next we always cook with extra virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil, which yeast and bad bacteria absolutely hate. And last, we juice in our vitamix one veggie drink after school that has one organic clove (we always select a nice big clove, not a skimpy one) per person in it….which fungus and parasites totally hates! Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I believe the correct saying is “A garlic clove and probiotic a day, will keep the doctor away!” Plus cheating on bad foods and dessert once on the weekend doesn’t affect the balance of Charlie’s natural flora because we have establish a healthy routine all week that allows his good bacteria to thrive. Depending how bad we cheat when we go out to eat, Charlie will sit in our infrared sauna or take a clay bath the next day. But we ALWAYS take a digestive enzyme when we eat out.

My two favorite places to shop on line are www.vitacost.com and www.VitaminShoppe.com. However Vitacost does seem to have the better savings but there are certain products that I can not buy on vitacost that I can only get at vitamin shoppe. I’m always on the prowl for healthy snacks. I bought a dehydrator but can’t seem to master the protein bar recipes. I think I need to take some kind of class or something. A dehydrator will allow you to make the BEST snacks such as your own organic trail mixes, flax crackers, and even veggie burgers. For some freaking reason I can’t seem to get pass the recipes for fruit roll ups and dehydrated fruits, which are all way to high in sugar for Charlie to eat everyday.

Favorite Health Bar

1. Organic Hempseed Bar (5g Sugar 9g Protein and 5g Fiber)

This is if I may say, a bad ass little bar. Low in good sugars but still high is protein (stabilize blood sugar) and fiber (binds to toxins & keep you regular) as well which are both important for ADD/ADHD. Forget about the fat content. The fats in this bar are the good fats. It contains a perfect balance of omega-3, omega 6, and GLA. Ingredients for this bar are: sunflower seeds, honey, shelled hempseeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. How simple is that?? A light bar that is o so good for you. Charlie takes one bar with him for lunch everyday. A box of 24 will run around $33.74 at vitaminshoppe. Nutiva donates 1% of all sales to exemplary organizations that support and promote sustainable agriculture. So far they have donated over $30,000. It was also one of the first food companies to place Non-GMO (Genetically Modified) symbol on their labels.

** KIND Healthy Snacks

This health bar is our “cheat bars.” They are not bars that we would eat daily. These are handmade bars made with all natural ingredients and premium nuts (almonds, Brazilian nuts, etc) that are all naturally dried and held together with honey. These bars are just so yummy without compromising your health. These bars are made by Peace Works which is a non profit company who seeks to foster peace through business. Our favorite bars are Kind Bar Sesame & Peanuts with Chocolate (15g Sugar, 6g Protein, and 15g Fat) and  Kind Fruit Nut Bars Almond & Coconut (11g Sugar, 4g Protein, and 14g Fat). These bars are a bit heavy but sill a good all natural product that supports a good cause. When Charlie takes these bars with him other kids are always begging him for a bite. They are delicious! A box of 8 will cost $14.99 at VitaminShoppe.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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