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Are all of Biometics supplements for ADD/ADHD Micellized?

Q: ‘I want to know if all the ADHD supplements come in a liquid form?? And are all of the vitamins and supplements Micellized?


A: The program for ADD/ADHD is the AM/PM program and if money is not an issue I also recommend that you get Cell Care (contains Super Antioxidants and Co Q 10). Get-go-n and Cal/Mag come in a can and are powdered forms. Either are micelled. However Get-go-n uses 80mg of caffeine which as a vehicle to quickly shoot the B vitamins and Tyrosine into your body. Individuals usually feel it within 15-20mins. The caffeine is a very small dosage and is quickly burned off by the time it arrives at your adrenal glands. All of the other liquid supplements are micelled except Bio Alert because everything in that product is water soluble. Micelled is when you convert the fat soluble to water soluble and break it down to a thousand of its usual size. This is why these vitamins are absorb before they make it to your digestive tract. Cal/Mag uses a citrate form to increase absorption by 3.5 times versus other carbonate forms.

Biometics also uses both plant based and some synthetic vitamins to ensure product quality throughout manufacturing. Basically, when food products are processed for vitamins the quantities of nutrients vary, simply because in nature the content of vitamins in a food varies from one plant to the next. It all depends on soil, water sources, climate, etc. This all means that natural sources of vitamins can result in batches of product varying a degree that is unacceptable – the product could end up with one batch high in B-vitamins and the next batch has almost none. Therefore, synthetic is the optimal choice to ensure each batch is the same.However, it’s not accurate to say that all the vitamins in the Biometics products are synthetic. As a small example, the Vitamin C they use is USP grade Ascorbic Acid that is initially derived from vegetables sources and then partially synthesized. By denoting “folate” in their products versus “folic acid” means that they use the natural form of folic acid- folate is the type found naturally in foods, while folic acid is the synthetic type. Biometics vitamin E is the natural vitamin, and comes from soybeans (denoted by “d-alpha tocopherol” versus “dl-” on the label). The calcium they use comes from limestone or salt mines. Biometics Melatonin (Bio Nite) is synthetic not only for product quality but because it is vegetarian. Natural sources of melatonin comes from pig’ brains. 

If Biometics are the liquid supplements that you decide to go with for you or your child please contact Rae Ann Haynes. Her number is (850)650-8147 H and (850)259-4887 Cell. Her e-mail is hayneskr@cox.net I’m verrry adamant that you let Rae Ann get you started. Biometics is extremely powerful offering over 95% absorption within 15-30mins. Because of this you need to be careful when administering plus all ADD/ADHD are highly deficient in the B vitamins and minerals, which means once they work their way up to a full serving they will need mega dosages of Get-Go-N and Cal/Mag…..sometimes even Bio Alert. There is a lot of adjusting of the serving size until you find the proper amount for your body. So please please do not do this alone. Rae Ann also works with Frankie Pulley. Both know the difficulties of having a child with ADD/ADHD. Rae Ann son has ADD and is medication free. She has helped many adults and children with ADD/ADHD over the last 3 years. Frankie is her mentor and he has been helping families with ADD/ADHD for over 14 years. His son who once was on ADHD medication is now medication free. They are dynamitic together and their guidance will greatly benefit you. This is why I put them as contacts on my website. I consider them to be the best in the company when dealing with ADD/ADHD. They will both be able to answer many of your questions. Their follow up is consistent and always by phone. It’s not very often you find people who consult for free so please take advantage of their expertise.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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