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Benefits of Calcium/Magnesium for ADD/ADHD

Okay for me, Cal/Mag is one of the best products on the Biometics product line for ADD/ADHD. Calcium is one of the MOST IMPORTANT minerals for your body and 80% of Americas are deficient in both Calcium and Magnesium (which is where most health problems stem from) especially ADD/ADHD. You must keep in mind that ADHD are HIGHLY deficient in Cal/Mag and needs almost 2 servings daily until their body has regain balance. Plus when magnesium (known as the anti-stress mineral) is combined with calcium, it works as a natural tranquilizer. Without magnesium you would not be able to hold the calcium in your body no matter how much your daily calcium intake.

So let’s go over the benefits of Magnesium and Calcium and how it affects ADD/ADHD:

Magnesium helps fight depression, boost energy, helps burn fat, prevents heart attacks, maintains good cholesterol levels, aid indigestion, combats PMS symptoms,  helps prevent premature labor, and keeps teeth strong and healthy. 

Calcium‘s MajorRoles:

1. Stored in the bones.This is very important for ages of children from 9-19yrs (who need 1300mg of calcium), lactating mothers (1500mg), and anyone over 50yrs (1300-1500mg)

2. It is responsible for all muscle contractions in your body including your heart! This product is great for Restless leg Syndrome, menstrual cycle, migraines, athletes, and has a relaxing and calming effect.

3. It circulates in your blood stream and does MANY benefits:   a. Helps your Metabolism (dictates how much weight your body stores or burns off)  b. Regulates your hormones (especially Menopause!)

  c. Helps with the elasticity of your arteries (Blood Pressure)

  d. Aids with digestion enzyme activity (helps your body break down food-important for ADHD)

  e. Helps your body absorb B12 properly (important for ADD/ADHD)

  f. Helps with neurotransmitter release (which is important for ADD/ADHD and also helps calm ADHD with their hyperactivity)

  g. Blood Coagulation (needed in many phases for blood clotting)

  h. Helps Nerve impulses (important for ADD/ADHD)

  i. Helps neutralize an Acidic pH (important for ADD/ADHD) Acidic pH causes fungus, mold, parasites, bad bacteria (Candida), and viral infections that all thrive in your body due to lack of oxygen.  Basically your body becomes a play ground for diseases especially cancer!

99% of your Calcium is stored in your bones which leaves 1% to be used in your blood stream and muscles. When you are calcium deficient your body will have to pull the it from your bones and muscles so it can utilize it in your blood stream to neutralize acid. Remember that the next time you decide to give a child with ADD/ADHD sodas, junk foods, fried food, sugary food, etc that you are creating an acidic pH in their body.

FYI: Calcium citrate absorbs 2.5 times faster than Carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is more absorbable than most other types of Calcium, and if the Citrate form is not available, the Carbonate form is fine. However, there are some types of Calcium supplements that are not recommended at all:  those that have bone meal, oyster shell, or dolomite as their source of Calcium. Regardless of how inexpensive they may be, these sources of Calcium are not good choices because they may contain high levels of lead.

BIOMETICS’ CAL/MAG 100 contains 100% of the US Daily Values of Calcium, and  50% of Vitamin D. When added to water, the Calcium in CAL/MAG 100 undergoes a carbonation reaction, which converts Calcium Carbonate to Calcium Citrate, the most absorbable form of calcium,  to enhance skeletal and other body systems. *

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they are taking better care of it.


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