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Folic Acid helps with Memory

So how does Folic Acid affect ADD/ADHD? Well, like many of the B vitamins, Folic Acid affects mental function. It helps serotonin production (very important for ADD/ADHD-it’s the “mood” neurotransmitter) by elevating mood and can even act as a mild antidepressant. However, it takes extremely large dosesup to 50 mg — to get results. Plus a certain amount of memory loss seems to go along with age and this could be slowed by taking folic acid supplements, because it lowers levels of homocysteine. Although folic acid is found naturally in legumes, carrots, artichokes, cantaloupe, avocados, apricots, beans, lentils, soybeans, garbonzos, barley, whole wheat, dark green leafy vegetables, and in some cereal grains, taking a multivitamin or a B-complex vitamin is the best way to ensure you get enough Folic Acid each day. It’s a water soluble vitamin so the body does not store what it doesn’t use. The US Daily Value is 400mcg per day for most individuals, and 800mcg for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Remember, the US Daily Allowance is the mininum amount an idividual needs to take daily. Biometics Bio Fuel and Get-Go-N both contain 400mcg of Folic Acid.

TIP: When you look at high quality multi-vitamin supplements, make sure you select a product that list folate versus folic acid. Folate means that it is a natural form of Folic Acid. If it says Folic acid on the label this means it is the synthetic type.

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Shirley Highers


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