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We’re Back And Charlie’s Back To His Bad Habits!

So I’m back from an incredible Bob Proctor cruise. I have learned sooo much information to add to my personal growth on this cruise. Good thing because I’m going to get the opportunity to put it all to good use with Charlie. Since we have been gone for 1 week and my mother has been watching my child, he has slip back into his bad habits. Of course my mother spoiled Charlie and let him have some  sugar and junk food while we were gone. Just the smallest amount of sugar and junk food seems to always affect Charlie in such a negative way. He also hasn’t been taking his wheat grass nor calcium/magnesium. He’s moody, he’s back talking, and making poor decisions. O….Lord, I guess I have to look at this as a big opportunity for myself to maintain patience and a state of calm well being. Part of me just wants to scream and shake him and ask him why would you not take your supplements when you can tell the difference being on them???? Why would you eat sugar food that alter your mood and memory???? Why is it when we leave you always revert back to your old ways??? Ugh!!!!

I have to tell myself he’s about to be 15 years old and it won’t be long before he flies from the nest. As much as I want to strangle him, I’ve got to keep being consistent in a calm assertive manner. The goal is to teach him to do this when we are not around, to help him not want to be tempted by foods that affect his hyperactivity, his immune system, and of course memory and focus. I honestly can say after all of these years on this journey the hardest part about Charlie’s ADHD, is his “I don’t care  or I don’t care about the consequence attitude.” It’s hard to discipline and stay consistent when you deal with this type of attitude. The only time he cares is when it’s something he wants, then he kicks into hyper focus. And if it’s a healthy desire than he will apply the things we have taught him. So that’s good!

Okay, so the glass is half full right? I can do this without losing my cool. So maybe it’s kinda of like starting all over again with Charlie getting him back on the right track. But what I have found interesting from these incredible speakers on this cruise; it’s not what you know, it’s about what you do with what you know. You can take all the notes in the world from great books, shows, DVD’s, or renown speakers all over the world and think to yourself, I have studied this material for so long and I get it now! BUT until you are truly tested and actually have to apply this knowledge to real situations can you really say, “I got it.” Well I have huge and great opportunity here and I’m just going to have to learn to embrace it.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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