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Have You Had Success Using Essential Oils For ADD/ADHD?

Q: Have you had success using essential oils for ADD/ADHD?


A: Essential oils are more for aromatherapy. Yes, it can aid with ADD/ADHD but it’s not enough to really help a child focus or help a child come off of their medication. It’s more for an overall well-being. On my website I have Tea Tree oil, Olive leaf oil, Oregano oil, Grapefruit seed oil, Emu oil, and Eucalyptus oil listed as natural antibiotics. We only use these oils when Charlie is coming down with a bug plus we will also put him on probiotics too. There are many symptoms that mimic ADD/ADHD. Yeast overgrowth and food allergies are few that come to mind. Anytime you use antibiotics from the doctor’s office, it kills all the bacteria in your gut (both good and bad bacteria). With food allergies, you have undigested food that can cause many digestive problems and also cause lack of concentration. We also like to use cold pressed organic jojoba oil as a lotion. We use emu oil as antibiotic ointment and to speed up the healing process (absolutely amazing stuff!!). We have replace alcohol with tea tree oil. We put a few drops of eucalyptus in our vapor machine when Charlie has a cold and is feeling congested. And we either use oregano oil, olive leaf oil, or grapefruit seed oil orally as a natural antiobotic for serious infections. We like to use natural antiobiotics hand in hand with a probiotic. It all helps and has a purpose especially if you are going down the natural remedies route for ADD/ADHD. But for true success you will need to shift to an organic diet, omega-3 supplements, and a line of high quality fast absorbing liquid supplements that’s helps produce neurotransmitters. It’s always best to have a starting point, so I always recommend having a neurotransmitter test, heavy metal test, and food allergy test first and then you should re-test again about 2-3 months down the road. This way you will be able to tract your results.

Enthusiastically yours,


Shirley Highers


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