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Choline Is A Key Neurotransmitter for ADD/ADHD

If you think you or your child may have ADD/ADHD, you should request to take a neurotransmitter test. It’s always nice to have a starting point and to also see the exact neurotransmitters you are lacking. After 2-3 months down this natural remedies path for ADD/ADHD, take another neurotransmitters test so you or your child can track your results. You should also become familiar with your key neurotransmitters. One of your major players is Acetylcholine (memory neurotransmitter) which is synthesized from Choline.

Choline is in the B-vitamin family. One of the most important functions of Choline is to be turned into both Phosphatidylcholine and Acetylcholine by the body. Phosphatidylcholine is essential for normal brain function, and proper liver health and function. Acetylcholine is important for normal brain development in infants, and for conduction of nerve signals and brain function in adults. Researchers have concluded that during pregnancy, the Choline intake of the mother can influence memory and brain development in the growing infant. For this reason, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences has recommended that pregnant and nursing women increase their intake of Choline. There was a study done at NC State where children at the age of 2 were given an IQ test. The children that took Choline during pregnancy tested higher on their IQ test than children who did not get this supplement during pregnancy.

So for ADD/ADHD pregnant women or for any pregnant woman for that matter, I would highly suggest being on a Choline and Omega (also important for proper brain development) supplements. For children and adults with ADD/ADHD, Acetylcholine is the most vital neurotransmitter when it comes to memory and cognitive abilities!! It can boost your memory for up to 4-5 hours. If you are an athlete, this is great supplement to take 15-30  minutes before games (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc) because it helps with eye and hand coordination.

BIOMETICS’advanced liquid nutritional Bio Alert supplement contains 1000mg of Choline. Remember Biometics has a patent process that allows you to absorb 85-100%, so it’s very powerful! You should start with 1/2 tbsp for about 3-5 days before going up to a full serving size. Great stuff!!!! If you decide to go with another brand of Choline, try to purchase a high quality liquid form versus capsule.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers



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