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What Kind Of Heavy Metals Are Found In ADD/ADHD?

Q: My 8 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with ADD and prescription meds have been recommended.  I was very skeptical so I told the doctor that we would schedule another visit to figure out what route to take.  I am not sure if my daughter is allergic to milk but I have switched her over to soy milk to see if it helps her.  my daughter has trouble will any kinds of pills. So she’s been taking the omega 3 gummies and chewable vitamins (which I crush for her and then give to her).  I was a little confused about the absorption percentage you talked about.  are you saying what she is taking right now has very little benefit? and about the heavy metal presence…. what kind of metals? I am definitely interested in going the natural way but I am a little hesitant because of the cost.  Since we are living on a one salary income, I’ll have to convince my husband in a major way.


A: If you even think your child might have ADD/ADHD, it’s best to pull the milk. So good for you!!! Personally I do not think anyone should be drinking milk unless it’s organic raw unpasteurized milk. Soy milk (try to stick with natural organic forms of soy) is a bit controversial especially for women with thyroid problems but it’s still better than milk and I like cooking with it too. Mostly we stick to Organic Rice and Almond milk. Rice milk makes everything real sticky especially oatmeal so I usually don’t cook with it. Although Charlie will use rice milk in his oatmeal because he likes it sticky and sweet.

I usually don’t ever say this, but get rid of those gummy and chewable vitamins!! Normally I tell you the facts that I have found over the years and encourage you to decide for yourself when you research this information. But on these two products, I feel I need to just get to point and let you know that they are absolutely useless! Let’s look at good high quality pills and capsules, we’re talking about 15%-20% absorption. That’s why when you go to urinate, it’s always bright yellow or green. High quality liquid vitamins, we’re talking 35%-45% absorption. So stick to anything liquid because it less for your stomach to break down and also faster to absorb. Because ADD/ADHD are so deficient in EVERYTHING, you will want something that gives you the BEST absorption. This is why I like Biometics, their patent process allows you to absorb 85%-100%. Plus all the fat soluble vitamins have been converted into water soluble so there is never any toxic build up in the body. One problem, they are extremely powerful. So if you don’t ease into a full serving, diarrhea and tummy aches can be common problems. This is why I recommend you work with Rae Ann if Biometics is a direction you decide to go. There is a lot of adjusting when it comes to these vitamins and she will help with this.

Go back to my website http://addnaturalremedy.com/index-4.html why don’t you try this omega-3 liquid supplements, Pharma Frutol Berry. This is a great product for children who really struggle taking liquid omegas. I believe it to be one of the best quality and highest concentration product out there today. Omega-3 supplements is a must for ADD/ADHD. Your going to have to tell your husband on this supplement, there is no compromise. You must have it!!

I’m a big believer in that you should have a starting point. You can order a heavy metal test, neurotransmitter test, fatty acid test, etc… to be absolutely sure if your daughter has ADD/ADHD. You can get all of these test done on line:http://forresthealth.com/store/home.php This site also has food allergy testing, Candida testing, etc.. Go to the website and check it out. It will answer all of your questions and you can also pay a small fee to speak to a doctor who will answer any of your questions and read your results. Plus some insurance companies will pay for these tests. Here’s another site you can check out too: http://www.integrativepsychiatry.net/neuroscan_neurotransmitter_test.html Or you can go to your local health practitioners (like Centers for Holistic Health, etc) in your area and ask them for these specific tests. Some family practitioner doctors (like the really good doctors at least) will have these test available in their clinic too.

In my research, it is common to find one or more toxic metals in the bodies of these children and adults. ADHD have high levels of aluminum with low calcium and magnesium. ADD usually has high levels of copper and lead. These two metals can cause “foggy thinking” and IBS symptoms. Again, I’m not a doctor and this is something you should research for yourself. However, if you do order or take this test, I do ask parents or adults with ADD/ADHD if they would let me know their results. I like to keep up with these results and log it in my journal. This gives me an idea of which metal is most commonly found in ADD/ADHD children or adults.

If money is an issue, do not start the natural remedy route. This is not something you want to dabble in. Either it’s 100% commitment or you will be spinning your wheels and wasting your money. It can get very expensive but down the road it will be worth every penny!! If you dabble in cheap products, or if you are inconsistent in giving it to your child everyday, oryou do not change their diet, then it will be a complete waste of time and money! You must commit to at least 3 months minimum. The two things you can do for right now is pull the junk food I listed in my e-book, switch to organic foods, and get on a good quality omega-3 supplement. Medication for us was a quick fix that only lasted for 3 months with serious side effects (no sleeping, no appetite, etc) but once Charlie’s body adjusted to this drug his dosage began to increase and before we knew it, he was on the highest dosage for his weight.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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