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PART 2: “Dog Whisper” Given Me Insight On Helping Other Parents With ADD/ADHD Children

This show is just a wonderful show for the family! Last Friday was Dog Whisper’s 100 episode. I can’t believe after all of these years of bad behavior from my maltese Fluffy, all along the answer I was seeking was already here. This show has been on for like 4 years! I love how Casear goes into the household and changes the owners way of thinking versus training the dog. Okay, I have already gone over in Part 1: Becoming the pack leader. Here’s the second point I want to cover:

2. Caesar says you must Discipline. You must establish rules, boundaries, and limitations!

It is important to understand that there is good discipline and there is punishment. Discipline is when you are in a calm assertive state of mind. Punishment is when you are in a fustrated angry state of mind. That’s why children do not listen. They do not respond to punishment, but they listen to discipline.

There is nothing wrong with harsh discipline or even a spanking when rules are broken, as long as you ARE NOT ANGRY when you are administering the disipline!! There should be no screaming or bad energy!! If you are angry, walk away until you have cooled off before you discipline. When a child does something wrong and you yell at them in anger, all they take away from that experience is the anger and not the lesson. Ask yourself when you were growing up, “What do you remember about your parents?” My dad is retired miltary. He was very strict on me growing up. I was basically raised by a drill sergent. All I remember, was hating everything he said, everything he did, and everything he stood for even though his lessons were to teach me to be polite, considerate, and to always give 100%. Because he was so harsh and controlling, he always left me in a negative state of mind. Even though he meant well, all I remember when looking back is being angry and wanting to do the exact opposite of whatever he said.

If you watch the Dog Whisper, you will see Caesar discipline in a firm consistent manner. He never yells or tries to over power these dogs. And when owners on the show try to use anger or fustration, their dog feeds off that energy causing them to become more aggressive. But the minute their owner takes responsibility for his/her old actions and changes into a leader who is confident, firm, and consistent, this forces everyone around them to adapt to their changes leaving their household in a heathy balance atmosphere.

Trust me I know it can be verrry difficult sometimes for ADD/ADHD parents. In fact it can be down right exhausting! This is why you must invest in personal and spiritual development. If you are fustrated and angry, who will keep the balance in your household? Ya know, it’s just as hard on ADD/ADHD children even though they act like they don’t care. They are constantly feeding off you so you always have to be calm and giving your best. Be consistent with your discipline so children are not confused from what you expect from them. Nothing is worst for a child then your inconsistency! When I ask Charlie, do you remember the time I tried to teach blah blah? He will say, “No not really but I remember you were pissed at me that day.” In fact he will tell you most of his childhood all he remembers was me yelling at him all the time, not WHY  I was yelling or what I was trying to teach him.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they are taking better care of it.


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