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How Much Biometics Get-Go-n Can Be Given To My Son For His ADHD In One Day?

Q: I have been taking the AM/PM program with my son for his ADHD for the last 2 weeks. How much of Biometics’ Get-Go-N can both of us take in one day? Right now he’s at 4 scoops and doing great in the mornings, but around 2-3pm he becomes restless and starts having problems focusing again. I’m only taking 2 scoops in my drink each morning. I do not have ADHD so can I take more through out the day or is 2 scoops enough?


A: Your son can take a total of 6-8 scoops of Get-go-n in one day but don’t do it all in one serving. It will depend on your son on the serving amount that he needs daily. You have to remember that ADD/ADHD are deficient in EVERYTHING plus whenever they are using their brains (strenuous mental activities) they burn through their B vitamins quickly! For ADD/ADHD, they only need 4 scoops in their AM drink. When Charlie first started on Biometics, he took 4 scoops in the morning, 1 scoop and 1/2 tbsp of Bio Alert at school (right before lunch), and 1-2 scoops when he got home from school. He was 11years old back then. Charlie is about to turn 15 years old in December. He only takes 4 scoop of Get-Go-N in the morning now. I always thought as he got bigger he would need more Get-go-n but as his body and brain chemistry started to become balance he really doesn’t need as much anymore. When Charlie was younger, he knew the minute he burned through his B vitamins and neurotransmitters. He would come to me and ask if he could have another scoop so he could focus on his homework. We kept his vitamins at the nurse’s office so he could stop by in between his classes. All of his teachers would allow him to go to the nurses office at Charlie’s request. It was never a problem or an issue that we kept Bio Alert and Get-Go-N at school. Charlie is in all advance honor classes. On some days he will burn through his vitamins quickly and on laid back days at school he doesn’t need more Get-Go-N. It all depends on him. But rarely does he take an extra serving of Bio Alert or Get-go-n unless he has multiple test to study for that night.Your fine at 2 scoops in your morning drink. But for the days you are active, stressed, or using your brain for strenuous mental activities, you too are burning through your vitamins quickly. So if you are having a busy day with paperwork or need to pull an all nighter to meet your dead line you can take another 1-2 scoops of Get-Go-N and 1/2 tbsp Bio Alert. Even if you are taking a road trip and you want to drive all night, Get-go-n is a great alternative instead of drinking coffee or Red Bull all night long so you can to stay up and be focus. You will find that when you wake up the next morning you do not feel all drugged like you would from drinking coffee all night long. Plus it’s so much better for you.


1. Even if your child is ADD/ADHD, you should ALWAYS start at 1/2 or 1 scoop Get-Go-N and slowly build up to 4 scoops. Charlie could start instantly at 4 scoops but for other children/adults who have sensitive stomachs, you will have to slowly introduce this product into your system or you will end up with a tummy ache or diarrhea.

2. I wouldn’t take Get-go-n past 4pm or you might be Getty up and going with cleaning your house all night long. And when you are taking an extra serving of Get-Go-N, always start with a 1/2 scoop and build up to see what is the best serving size for your body. You may find that the extra serving of 1/2 scoop around 2 pm is all you need to have long lasting energy through out your entire day.

3. Make sure you drink plenty of water!!!!!

4. Don’t freak out if you turn red or get hot and itchy. This is a flush and it’s verrry good for you! Think of it as a cleansing, it’s your body’s way of ridding itself from toxins.

5. Bio Alert and Get-Go-n are great to take before participating in sports because they not only help with increase energy and focus but they also increase eye and hand coordination.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they are taking better care of it.



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