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Harmful Effects Of Sugar With Charlie’s ADHD

Yesterday was a rough day with Charlie!! He didn’t do well in his classes this week and about two days ago his attitude completely shifted. Being the observant mother that I am, I notice that he wasn’t eating his lunch which means he is up to something no good! He always brings his lunch to school and every night before bed, I always sneak a peak to see what all he has packed. When he gets home from school I do the same thing. For the last week he has barely eaten anything at lunch and somedays he comes home with his lunch never touched. I knew this child was eating at school, because he eats like a HORSE!!! He NEVER goes without food…..EVER!!!! So the question is, what in the heck is he eating at school?? I had a feeling he was getting into sugar but he would lie and tell me how he just hasn’t been hungry lately. Whatever, he has to run cross country after school and I know there is NO WAY he could do that if he was skipping lunch. Anyway, his immune system went down yesterday and I knew my thoughts were confirmed. He was sneezing and he had a runny nose. Come to find out, he’s been eating another kids lunch. This kid at school brings Charlie junk food like muffins, chips, candy, etc…. It is sooo mind blowing for me to see the harmful effects of sugar with Charlie. He has no focus, he made a 60 on his Spanish quiz, 35 on a pretest take home quiz in Algebra II, and 75 on a quiz in English Comp II Honors. He went from all 100 to these grades in a matter of one week. He’s been moody and his attitude is pure laziness. He’s back to the, “I don’t care about the consequence attitude.” I had to set down the law yesterday!!!!! I’m also going to put him back on Wheat grass (help purify his blood) and his bentonite clay capsules (help absorb the artificial dyes, preservatives, etc) then he should be back on track again….that’s of course if he has learned his lesson and stays away from the sugar. If he values his free personal time, he will learn his lesson. I tell parents all the time especially for ADHD, pull the sugar and junk food from their diet because it is that big of a factor!!!

When I was doing research for my ADD/ADHD book and came across this book: “Lick the Sugar Habit” by Nancy Appleton. Here is a partial list of some effects that sugar produces, I knew you guys would find it as interesting as I did. Sugar can:
1) suppress the immune system
2) upset the mineral balance in the body
3) cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty reading, and crankiness in children
4) reduce the defense against bacterial infection
5) cause chromium deficiency (which increases sugar craving)3 2
6) lead to cancer of the breasts, ovaries, prostate and rectum
7) interfere with absorption of calcium and magnesium
8) weaken eyesight
10) cause hypoglycemia
11) produce an acid stomach (causing mineral depletion)
12) raise adrenaline levels in children
13) cause tooth decay (the dental industry costs us over $54 billion per year)3 8
14) contribute to eczema in children
15) adversely affect children’s grades
16) cause hormonal imbalance
17) lower the ability of enzymes to function properly
18) cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children
19) contribute to diabetes
20) cause another 60+ health related problems that I didn’t list

When a person consumes sugar the good bacteria that thrives in a symbiotic relationship in the intestines and also manufactures B vitamin complexes begin to die off. When the B vitamin complex level declines, the glutamic acid is not processed. This causes sleepiness which causes lower serotonin levels to be produced. For ADHD, that are already deficient in this neurotransmitter, this imbalance will effect their ability for short term function and numerical calculative functions. Plus B vitamins are essential in the proper digestion of carbohydrates by converting calories to energy.

When children eat processed sugars or high fructose corn syrup, it is released into the blood stream all at once, spiking their insulin level, damaging their spleen, and sticking to their arteries wall It also increases adrenaline levels and drops their blood sugar leading to lack of oxygen to the brain. This makes ADHD brains foggy because they are not able to concentrate. Next follows the horrible moods swings. If sugar has this affect on regular children, can you see the detrimental effects this has on ADD/ADHD children and adults?? Just a little over a week of sugar and junk food and Charlie’s ADHD is in control again.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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