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My Son Has Taken Medicine For ADHD Since 3rd Grade, How Do I Get Him Started On Vitamin Supplements?

Q: I have read your guide and it was so good to know that someone else feels like I do about the drugs they use for adhd. My son has taken mediciine for adhd since 3rd grade. I have hated it the whole time. He was takeing concerta during the week but not on the weekends or the summer. He started 6th grade this year and I allways wait for a couple of weeks to see If by some miracle that he can do without the medicine. But like allways after one week of school I reluctantly had to put him on concerta. I gave it to him on a friday and I got a call from him at 4:oo saying his stomache hurt and his head hurt. I asked him if he ate anything for lunch and he said very little. So here we go again. I am so frustrated I have not given him the medicine since that friday. I was so pleased to find your web site and I want to start him on the vitamin supplements. Can you tell me where you get yours and how much to give him. Thankyou so much for the information on your web site.


A: You are so welcome!! 🙂 It does feel like you are alone sometimes! But your not!!! Looking back through the years when Charlie was first diagnosed with ADHD in the 4th grade, all I remember doing is crying and fighting with my husband. We were both so frustrated that we seemed to take it out on one another. Two and half years later, I found myself on the internet everyday, or at book stores, or at health stores desperately seeking any other alternative then medication. Every store or site on the internet would say, “Try blah blah blah, and cure your ADD/ADHD.” So I tried everything! It’s like going shopping and trying on clothes that do not fit. After awhile you leave the stores feeling frustrated, depressed, and defeated. The reason I started this website is to make parents or other adults that have ADD/ADHD aware that there is not ONE thing you can take for this disorder to be cured. If I would of had a site like A Mother’s Journey, it would have saved me a lot of time in my research and help lighten my emotional turmoil. Because ADD/ADHD is a collection of many symptoms not just one, so should the treatment for this disorder. This is important to understand!! You need to take 3 steps to gain control over ADD/ADHD:

1.You want to remove the toxins (Heavy metal cleanse, Candida cleanse, sometimes even parasite cleanse)

2. You must maximize your nutrition load because ALL ADD/ADHD are highly deficient in their omegas, B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

3. You the parent, needs emotional and spiritual support!!!! If not you will find yourself constantly yelling at your child. You can not beat ADD/ADHD off with aggression, instead you want to out smart it.

After 2 1/2 years of Charlie being on medication, it completely affected his health!!!!!!! I could see that I HAD to get him off medication before his psychologist prescribe him depression medication too. He already wasn’t eating or sleeping and if the psychologist would of had it her way, she would have already had him on medication for that too. Getting off medication and moving in a holistic direction, will take some patience. After all your son has been on his medication for 3 years. I’m going to have a wonderful soul from Biometics contact you who will answer all of your questions so you can get started on Biometics. However, I wouldn’t take your child off medication without your doctor monitoring him. Remember these are Schedule II drugs, they are highly addictive! Don’t try to do it by yourself and don’t try to do it without proper amount of nutrition either. High quality nutritional supplements will help minimize detox from this drug or any other additive drugs for that matter.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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