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Are All ADD/ADHD left handed?

Q: My husband and I have been told that our son needs to be tested for ADD since the first grade. We had him tested at Cherokee Health Systems a year ago. They told us that he had some signs of ADD. Well, of course that was not good enough for the school. So, we had the school test him. The only thing that they could tell us was to put him on medicine as soon as possible. OF COURSE. You can’t talk to anyone without them saying have him tested, put him on medicine. Is that the only answer?? I don’t feel that that is the only answer. You know, I also get tired of people telling me that since he is left handed he definaltly has ADD. Is that always true??? All I know is I am TRULY CONFUSED. I am afraid my son is going to fail in life and school if I don’t get some help. One last thing-  Can a school force you to have your child tested or take medicine??


  A: 1. Left-handed kids usually are ADD/ADHD, is a total myth! I can explain why people speculate this myth. My son Charlie is left-handed, which means he operates primarily from the right hemisphere of his brain because it controls the left side of his body and the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body. I look at this as a bonus because Right brain thinkers are creative and artistic and Left brain thinkers are analytical. Because left-handed people are primarily using the right brain’s creativeness, it may appear that they are not focusing when in fact they are dreaming and imagining great things. Left- handed children may also appear to be a little clumsy or constantly having to stop and re-evaluate situations like sports, hand writing, eating at the table, etc. because they live in a right handed environment so it takes a little longer for them to figure things out. In fact, there are many children/adults that are right brained and right handed because they were not encouraged or taught to use the left hand. Charlie writes both left-handed and right-handed. He bats both ways in baseball. I’m a Left brain thinker, I’m right handed, and I have ADD. My husband is a Right brain thinker; he is right handed, and has ADD. Your environment has a lot to do with you physical attributes, but that does not change which side of the brain you use; although it can be suppressed, for instance when we are told to stop day dreaming. Most of our great achievers, inventors, and leaders never came close to finishing school. Don’t get me wrong, school is vitally important, but I do disagree with the way many children are suppressed from their true abilities. We all operate from both sides of the brain; it’s more about an individual being creative or analytical in their thinking. 

2. A school CANNOT force you to put your child on medication or get his/her vaccines. They can make you feel really bad but they cannot force you….EVER!! If you are feeling pressured to put your child on drugs because of your school system, you can contact your State Board of Education to prevent teachers or school administrators from continuing to do this.  

3. As far as teachers wanting your child to be tested for ADD/ADHD, that’s not such a bad thing. If anything was affecting my child’s behavior in class, I would want to know what I could to do to help with the situation. BUT, it’s important to understand what kind of test your child should have for ADD/ADHD. Along with several hours of IQ and Torrance tests for creativity. A child must exhibit ADD/ADHD behavior in two or more situations (school, home, socially, or work) to be diagnosed with this disorder. The presence of onset behavior problems or symptoms must be before the age of 7.

AND, if your child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, your next step is to have more tests such as neurotransmitters, food allergies, heavy metals, or Candida, etc… Why put a child on medication that has serious side effects when you can test for the exact neurotransmitter they are deficient in and then give them a natural supplement that contains those neurotransmitters such as Neu-becalm, Biometics Bio Alert, or Biometics Get-Go-N? I’m not 100% against medication or antibiotics, but I think they should always be used as a last resort. What if your child had a food allergy which was the result of his lack of concentration in class? Wouldn’t you rather pull this food from his diet then automatically put him on a Schedule II drugs that is highly addictive and has serious long term side effects??? I have had parents tell me by adding a high quality supplementations, omegas, and doing a heavy metal cleanse for their child, they saw long lasting life changing results!!! Going down the holistic path is a win-win situation. If you explain to your child’s teachers what you are doing they will work with you and let you know when they see a difference in your child. Worst case scenario is you are left with one healthy kid. Medication strips the body of nutrients and good bacteria in the gut. So even if a child is left with no other alternative but medication it is still important to have vitamins, omega, and probiotic supplements.

 P.S When I got the confidence to tell teachers, “I am taking my son off medication! This is what I’m going to do blah, blah, blah…, and will you please help me observe my child?” Every teacher was willing to participate. But looking back over the years when I was feeling pressured to put Charlie on ADD/ADHD medication; I can see how unsure I was back then. Therefore teachers were telling me what to do. But when I made a firm decision of what I was going to do and had gained confidence because of my researched in natural remedies, harmful effects from ADD/ADHD medications, using proper nutrition, blah, blah, blah…. No teacher ever tried to pressure me again!

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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