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Dealing with Charlie’s ADHD Attitude

Ya know, being a parent of a child with ADD/ADHD can be so FRICKING frustrating!! Charlie for as long as I can recall has always had this, “I don’t care about the consequence attitude.” This makes it very hard to discipline him and I usually find myself resorting to screaming at the top of my lungs. “Why did you do this Charlie? Why don’t you think before you speak Charlie? Did you ever stop to ask yourself is this a good idea Charlie? This is what I expect from you Charlie! Why are you always making poor decisions Charlie? How could you do something so hurtful Charlie? Why do you like constantly getting in trouble Charlie? You knew it was wrong and you still did it, Why Charlie??” This is always Charlie’s answer to me, “I dunno.” And now that he’s gotten older and hit puberty, not only do I have to still deal with his poor decisions but now I get these responses, “No body else has chores. Nobody else has to check in. Your ruining my life. It’s not fair,” And of course all his responses are served with high drama, eye rolling, huffing and puffing, slamming doors, and the evil eye stare down. I’ve had a parent tell me that I should put him back on his ADD/ADHD medication because that what she did with her son when he was getting out of hand. I said, “Why? His focus is great now because of the vitamins, omegas, and neurotransmitter supplements. Why would I put him on medication to make my life easier?” I would rather put up with his drama any day then to have him drift through life missing out on his childhood. Adding omegas to his vitamin regimen has improved his decision making process and maturity but omega supplements are not going to raise a child for you. And all ADD/ADHD medication does is turn Charlie into a zombie.

I have always suspected that both me and my husband had ADD/ADHD growing up. This explains both of our childhood and our lack of patience. Ya know, I had been so focus on balancing Charlie’s brain and body chemistry that I forgot something very important. I forgot to also focus on the emotional aspect of dealing with ADD/ADHD. So I began investing in myself. I purchase self-help books, DVDs, even regularly TiVo Dr.Phil’s shows. But it wasn’t until I heard Bob Proctor speak live in a seminar that I had that “Aw Ha” moment. His seminar is based on harmonic balance, having the income you have always desired, having a great relationship with your husband, kids, or friends, and being aligned spiritually and physically. Never once did I think that hearing Bob speak that he would make me aware of how my husband and I have contributed to Charlie’s problems and bad attitude in the past. I got so many gold nuggets from this seminar but I’d have to say the most important point I walked away is, To seek the change in your child’s attitude, you must first become that change. You have got to go to this website: www.thesecretpowerofthemind.com If Bob Proctor is coming to your town or a city near you, I highly recommend that you go to his seminar!!!!! If you notice in my e-book and all over my website, I like getting down to the very core of any problem. Treating symptoms are like sticking band aids on your problems. Until you can go directly to the core of your problem will you be able to fix it. Well, Bob Proctor goes to the core of your subconscious conditioning and helps you start from there. The way he explains your bad habits (paradigms) and the conditioning of your mind, will put everything into perspective. This information is soo powerful that you will be forever changed!!!!

It has made all the difference with Charlie’s attitude. Charlie started High School two weeks ago and his preparation, excitement, and organization are mind blowing. I’m trying not to get too excited but I just pray that this will continue for the rest of his life.We still have those “bad days” but for the first time, both of our attitudes are changing toward one another. I see all the mistakes I have made in the past and now chalk them up to good experiences. I take one day at a time, I do the very best I can everyday, and I leave the rest up to God!

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers


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