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Bio Nite Really Calms My Daughter Down and Makes Her Nice and Sweet, What Ingredient In That Product Is Doing That?

Q: Something I notice is that the Bio-nite really calms my daughter down.  She is taking ½ mg (1/2 dropper) 30 min before bed and it is enough to make her drowsy.  But as it is taking effect, she gets really nice and sweet. What ingredient in that product is doing that?


A: Bio Nite not only contains micellized melatonin but herbal extracts of Chamomile and Valerian too. These are soothing anti-stress and relaxing herbs which help calm your daughter down. Bio Nite is so effective because it’s a high quality micelled liquid form supplement. Biometics has a patent process called emusol micellization. This means your body absorbs almost 95% of this product versus 5-10% if it was in a pill form. So you really do not need much of this product. Most children and adults start with just a few drops under their tongue and eventually work up to 1/2 dropper or 1 full dropper. In my personal experience rarely do indiviudals take the full serving size of 2 full droppers (3mg) before bed. Bio Nite can be taken every night without fear of dependency unless you exceed more then 3mg a night. When you take more then 3mg of melatonin a night, you are telling your body it doesn’t need to produce it anymore. Bio Nite purpose isn’t to make you feel sleepy or drowsy before bed but to help you reach deep REM sleep which is where all the healing and recovery takes place. Deep REM sleep helps regulate and balance your brain chemistry which is extremely important with ADD/ADHD. Your neurotransmitter seretonin is produced during deep REM. Not many people know this about melatonin, it’s a Super Antioxidant, a major anti-aging, it scavenges for free radicals, and it helps boost the immune system. Even if you sleep well you should take Bio Nite for all of these health benefits!*Remember since melatonin is a super antioxidant, if you are an adult and you do not ease into this product your body could go through a slight detox causing you to toss and turn at night, or get sweaty, or wake up with a slight headache in the morning. During the day you can drink water to flush out those toxins but at night you are sleeping so those toxins are trying to get out of your body. Children usually do not go through a detox with Bio Nite because they do not have the years of toxin overload like adults.

Enthusiastically yours,

Shirley Highers



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